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AirCheck Academy

Thank you for visiting the AirCheck™ Academy. We have created the AirCheck Academy to provide you with all of the training materials you need, to be fully fluent in the world of food grade compressed air testing. With on-demand content that’s always available, you can learn on your schedule and at your pace. You can refer back to specific sections as needed and be sure to check in for new segments often!

AirCheck Academy Kit Training

Select the kit below that matches your order. You will be lead through a course which includes the instructions, video tutorials and a quiz to test what you’ve learned. Not to worry, if you have difficulty with a question we will show you where to find the answer once you have submitted your exam.

Be sure to visit our Resources located in the References section of the AirCheck✓™ Academy. You will find copies of all of the training documents in addition to new articles, codes, and videos for learning on the go!

Some portions of this website require login and password authentication. If you do not have log in information or are having difficulty with your login information contact us for assistance. If you have any issues or questions, just contact us for assistance.

Kit Courses for ISO 8573 Testing: [P:W:O]

The K810 AirCheck Kit to test to ISO 8573 for compressed air

AirCheck Kit K810 Certification

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Setra Laser Particle Counter for compressed air testing

Setra LPC Certification

start here
Aerotrack Laser Particle Counter for Compressed Air Testing

AeroTrak LPC Certification

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Kit Courses for Microbial Sampling

AirCheck Kit Microbial Testing Compressed Air testing

Microbial Testing Certification

Pinocchio Super II

Start here
Pinocchio Super I Funnel Only Kit for Microbial Testing

Microbial Testing Certification

Funnel – Pinocchio Super 1

Start here
Aircheck Kit Triobas Ambient Air testing

Active Air Sampling – Triobas Certification

start here
Microbial testing agar plate TSA

Passive Air Sampling – Settle Plates Certification

start here

Kit Courses for Breathing Air Testing

K902C AirCheck Kit Compressed Breathing Air

AirCheck Kit K902 Certification

start here
K6042 AirCheck Kit for Medical Gas Testing

AirCheck Kit K6042 Certification

start here
K6099 AirCheck Kit for Medical Gas Testing

AirCheck Kit K6099 Certification

start here

Resources and References

Breathing Air Testing Resources

Learn more about testing your breathing air with easy-to-follow videos, articles to help you determine sources of contamination, and instruction and data sheet downloads.

Compressed air tanks diving
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Manufacturing Air Testing Resources

Learn more about testing to ISO 8573, SQF standards, how to use kits, and instructions and data sheet downloads.

compressed air testing monitoring
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Standards and Specifications

Trace Analytics can meet a variety of specifications and standards depending on your unique needs. We offer testing to everything from NFPA 1989 and CGA Grade D to ISO 8573 and ISO 14698. Whether you need to meet requirements for SQF, BRC, PADI, or ISPE, our team of experts is here to guide you through setting up a monitoring plan and ensuring your systems are functioning as expected. To read more about specifications and standards in the air and gas industry, click here. Nelson

quality compressed air testing monitoring plan
Standards and Specifications

Trace Analytics Blog

July 2022 Webinar: “Total Oil Analysis in Compressed Air Systems”

Oil contamination in compressed air is a serious concern for many manufacturers. With options like food-grade oil, and oil-free compressors, many are left wondering if what they are doing is enough to prevent contamination from reaching their end products. The best way to ensure that [...]

Compressed Air Contaminants: ISBT Presentation

Maria Sandoval, the Lab Director at Trace Analytics, hosted a webinar for the ISBT (International Society of Beverage Technology) BevTech 2021 Event on compressed air contamination. The presentation outlined why standardization is important, broke down the parts of ISO 8573, detailed [...]






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