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At Trace Analytics, LLC, we partner with the leaders in air compressor installation & maintenance, consulting, and technical services to augment their own business and help them deliver the very best in compressed air testing.

Compressed air can be a critical utility in both breathing air and manufacturing applications. Whether the compressed air is critical to life or used in the production process, quality should be monitored alongside regular scheduled maintenance. Compressed air testing can be a perfect complement to the maintenance services you provide – grow your business by providing quality assurance to your current and future customers.

Partner with Trace

When you partner with Trace by becoming an AirCheck™ Distributor, we’ll provide you with the training and tools you’ll need to perform and sell compressed air testing. Our compact AirCheck™ Kit is lightweight and holds multiple sampling containers to test your customers’ compressors. We’ll also provide you with ample supplies so that you can stay on schedule and save on shipping costs.

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