AirCheck Kit K811 for Compressed Air and Gas Testing

K811 – AirCheck✓ Kit™ for Gases, Particles, Water, and Oil

AirCheck✓ Kit™ Model K811 is Trace’s solution to affordable testing per ISO 8573-1:2010, Food Grade Air, Critical Process Air, or your custom specifications. In addition to sampling for particles, water and oil; this kit can also be used to sample for other gases in air such as O2, CO, CO2, total volatile hydrocarbons, NOX, and SO2. The kit can also be used with Pure Gases such as O2, N2, N2O, and Ar. Food Grade Air Testing, pharmaceutical, medical device, and electronics are just a few examples of critical air use. If you require clean air or pure gas for your manufacturing process K811 is the kit for you.

Sampling kit packaged to your specific requirements. Training videos available online. Hardware includes:

  • Standard Items
    • 2 piece Bottle Holder
    • Needle Cleaner
    • Needle Replacement Tool
    • Spare Needles, 2 ea.
    • SS NPT Female Adaptor, 2 ea.
    • SS Double Tee
    • Tube Flowmeter, 2 ea.
    • Filter Flowmeter
    • Flowmeter Tubing
    • Tube Holder, 4 ea.
    • Detector Tube Tip Breaker
    • Misc. Spare Parts
    • Cleaner, 1 bottle
    • Sampling Instructions
    • Carrying Case
  • Optional Items
    • Calibrated NIST Traceable Flowmeters
    • Sampling Tubing – Particle Free
    • Data Package
  • Media
    • 47mm Filter
    • 5 & 20 a/p Detector Tube
    • Charcoal Tube
    • Source bottle
    • NOX & SO2 Detector Tubes (optional)

The AirCheck✓ Kit™ K811 is available for purchase or rental – easily customize the number and frequency of samples, and your required testing specifications via our online ordering system.

Need to take samples, but don’t want to purchase a kit? The AirCheck Kit™ K811 is also available for rental. Request K811 Rental Info.

Need more sampling media? Use our easy restock page to quickly order supplies.