Pinocchio Super I for Microbial Sampling
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($75 additional day)

Microbial Analysis Add-On

Packages Available Details
For low-risk use. Quantitative results only – total plate count included.

For troubleshooting high-risk systems. Quantitative and qualitative results. Includes Gram’s stain for all colonies and total plate count.

Micro ID
$155/ colony

Identify colonies down to genus and species. Requires Pro Package.


Pinocchio Super I Microbial Sampler

The Pinocchio Super I is available for daily rental. This microbial sampler connects to the compressed air/gas outlet (60 psi or less) with sterile tubing. Commonly used for total aerobic plate counts. Further identification of colony forming units available.

The microbial impaction sampler is packaged to your specific testing requirements. Analyses are provided by a 3rd party accredited laboratory specializing in microbial analyses.

Standard Components:

  • Pinocchio Super I
  • Sampling Port Pressure Gauge
  • Sterile Tubing
  • Cleaner
  • Misc. Spare Parts
  • Sampling Instructions
  • Carrying Case


  • Sterile Tubing
  • Cleaner
  • 10 pack TSA Plates

The Pinocchio Super I is available for purchase or rental – easily customize the number and frequency of samples, and your required testing specifications via our online ordering system.

Need to take samples, but don’t want to purchase a kit? The Pinocchio Super I is also available for rental.

Need more sampling media? Use our easy restock page to quickly order supplies.