Aircheck Kit Triobas Ambient Air testing

Trio.bas Air Sampling Kit

Test ambient air in a controlled or cleanroom environment with active sampling using the Trio.bas air sampler. Designed to test for microorganisms in the air, the Trio.bas collects microbial samples on a contact plate. If growth is found, further identification of the colonies is available.


  • Trio.bas Mono
  • Charging Pad
  • Carrying Case
  • Cooler and ice packs
  • Parafilm and alcohol wipes

Media Required:

  • 55mm TSA Plates

The Trio.bas is available for purchase or rental – easily customize the number and frequency of samples, and your required testing specifications via our online ordering system.

Need to take samples, but don’t want to purchase a kit? The Trio.bas is also available for rental.

Need more sampling media? Use our easy restock page to quickly order supplies.