Setra Laser Particle Counter Compressed Air Testing

Setra Laser Particle Counter

The Setra 8000 Laser Particle Counter is a handheld particle counter that provides particle sizing from 0.3-25 microns. Offering immediate feedback, the Setra is excellent for facilities performing testing or troubleshooting at various locations. Once there are consistent results, the data can be exported. Separate Trace Analytics reports can be requested.


  • SETRA 8000 Laser Particle Counter
  • Green LPC Purge Filter
  • Power Cable and Adaptor
  • 1/4″ Inlet Barbed Fitting
  • USB Flash Drive
  • Printer with Accessories

The Setra is available for purchase or rental – easily customize the number and frequency of samples, and your required testing specifications via our online ordering system.

Need to take samples, but don’t want to purchase a kit? The Setra is also available for rental.

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