AirCheck Kit K6042 Pure Gas Sampling Kit

The AirCheck✓ Kit™ K6042 can be used to pure gas samples when testing for gas contaminants including: CO, CO2, CH4, TVHC,H20, O2, N2, N20, SO2, and NO. These kits are simple [...]

AirCheck Kit K6042 Pure Gas Sampling Kit2022-01-05T11:25:56-06:00

MedGas Testing – K6099 AirCheck Kit

The AirCheck✓ Kit™ K6099 can be used to obtain medical gas and air samples to satisfy NFPA 99’s requirements for Medical Air and CGA Grade D for Class A or Class B chambers. [...]

MedGas Testing – K6099 AirCheck Kit2022-01-05T11:26:22-06:00

Breathing Air Sampling – AirCheck Kit K902

The AirCheck✓™ Kit Model K902 (formerly K901) is designed to test high and low pressure compressed air systems used for breathing air applications. Test to NFPA 1989, CGA Gr [...]

Breathing Air Sampling – AirCheck Kit K9022022-01-05T11:26:36-06:00

Microbial Sampler – Pinocchio Certification

KX00-Pinocchio Super II: Microbial Sampling Instructions The “Pinocchio Super II” microbiological gas sampler is a portable instrument for determining the level of existent microbi [...]

Microbial Sampler – Pinocchio Certification2022-01-06T10:57:23-06:00

Laser Particle Counter – SETRA Certification

Setra LPC - Onsite Testing for Particles The Setra 8000 LPC is a handheld laser particle counter that provides particle sizing from 0.3 – 25 microns. Fast, lightweight, and easy to [...]

Laser Particle Counter – SETRA Certification2022-01-05T11:28:00-06:00

Laser Particle Counter – AeroTrak Certification

Aerotrak LPC - Onsite Testing for Particles The AeroTrak LPC is a highly sensitive instrument that offers an accurate measurement of particles down to 0.100 microns. Ideal for cust [...]

Laser Particle Counter – AeroTrak Certification2022-01-05T11:28:38-06:00
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