SQF Air Purity

Welcome to the SQF Air Purity section of the AirCheck™ Academy.

If you haven’t heard of SQF yet, you will! SQF stands for Safe Quality Food and they offer a certification program that is geared to ensuring the highest quality food, beverage, packaging, pet food and supplements available. SQF Certification is highly sought after by food manufacturers, many purchasers (stores) will not buy food products from companies that are not SQF certified. SQF was the first organization in the United States to start requiring regular compressed air purity testing. The majority of our food customers are testing because of the SQF Code requirement. In this section you will learn more about SQF, the Code and what options are available for these customers. Customers have a lot of questions and they are hoping you can answer them. What should they test for? How often? And how many points should be tested?

In this section of the Academy you will learn how to put your customer at ease and explain everything they need to consider when putting together an air monitoring program to meet their SQF requirements.