Our Team of Experts

At Trace Analytics, we have the most knowledgable and dedicated team of experts in the field of compressed air and gas testing. Our business is built on our expertise and dedication to understanding the needs of our customers. Excellent customer service, and the desire to provide a more efficient and accurate compressed air testing experience, have been the backbone of our company since 1989 — and still hold true today.

We pride ourselves on the level of customer service we provide — it is the core of our relationship with all of our customers. Our team members go above and beyond; assistance is simply an email or phone call away, even after business hours. Contact us to discuss your compressed air and gas testing needs — we look forward to assisting you.

Employee Directory
AJ Peterson

AJ Peterson Shipping (800) 247-1024 ext. 220

Adam Whitaker

Adam Whitaker Laboratory Technician (800) 247-1024

Alex Borders

Alex Borders Logistics Director (800) 247-1024 ext. 220

Bre Thomas

Bre Thomas Accounts Receivable (800) 247-1024 ext. 218

Callie Gehring

Callie Gehring Shipping (800) 247-1024 ext. 220

Chris Ochoa

Chris Ochoa Accounts Receivable (800) 247-1024 ext. 218

Dick Smith

Dick Smith Owner / Lab Director (800) 247-1024 ext. 219

Eduardo Dominguez

Eduardo Dominguez Laboratory Technician (800) 247-1024

Erin Zimmerman

Erin Zimmerman Customer Service (800) 247-1024 ext. 210

Hanna Geist

Hanna Geist Customer Service (800) 247-1024 ext. 221

Jimmy Field

Jimmy Field Laboratory Technician (800) 247-1024

Justin Smith

Justin Smith Business Dev Director (800) 247-1024 ext. 213

Kyle Kowalik

Kyle Kowalik Laboratory Technician (800) 247-1024 ext. 212

Marka Peterson

Marka Peterson Customer Svc Manager (800) 247-1024 ext. 222

Matt DeVay

Matt DeVay Chemist (800) 247-1024 ext. 223

Nancy Wardlaw

Nancy Wardlaw Finance Director (800) 247-1024 ext. 214

Nikki Smith

Nikki Smith Marketing (800) 247-1024 ext. 277

Ruby Ochoa

Ruby Ochoa President / Owner (800) 247-1024 ext. 211

Todd Fisher

Todd Fisher Sales Director (800) 247-1024 ext. 224

Tony Sharp

Tony Sharp Shipping (800) 247-1024 ext. 220

Torrey McLeod

Torrey McLeod Marketing Manager (800) 247-1024 ext. 229

Westin Farley

Westin Farley Data Analyst (800) 247-1024

Whitney Elliff

Whitney Elliff Customer Service (800) 247-1024 ext. 217

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