IFSQN Compressed Air Testing

Founded in 2003, International Food Safety & Quality Network (IFSQN) created an online platform for food safety professionals to share their knowledge through collaborative forums, informative webinars, and educational articles. Their training courses focus around food manufacturing regulatory organizations like BRC, SQF, IFS, and FSSC that utilize GFSI benchmarks. Some of these organizations recommend compressed air monitoring.

Trace Analytics has been testing compressed air and gas for customers worldwide since 1989. We are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 as required by many organizations. Our Team of Clean Dry Air Experts is available and eager to assist you with establishing your compressed air or gas testing program. We offer online instructions and step by step manuals for collecting samples. The AirCheck™ Kit is lightweight and easy to transport and ship. Contact Us Today and see for yourself why we are the preferred lab for food manufacturers worldwide.

SQF Air Purity Testing

SQF Air Purity Testing became a requirement in 2012. This video is about SQF Air Purity Testing and how you can begin your SQF Compressed Air Testing program. Compressed Air Quality Testing is easy with our AirCheck Kits! You can count on excellent support from the Experts at Trace Analytics, LLC for your food grade air testing needs.

SQF Air Purity Testing

ISO 8573-1 Compressed Air Testing

This video walks you step by step through the sampling process for the AirCheck Compressed Air Testing Kit K8573NB. ISO 8573-1 or Particle, Water and Oil sampling has never been easier with our Step by Step AirCheck Notebooks and Online Videos. Contact the Team of Experts for your compressed air quality testing needs.

ISO 8573-1 Compressed Air Sampling Instructional Video

Microbiological Compressed Air Sampling per ISO 8573-7

In this video we will walk you through each step for taking microbiological compressed air samples with the KPSII Microbiological Sampler. Samples are then submitted to the micro lab where they are incubated and colony forming units are counted if present. Gram staining and further identification can then be conducted as needed. Trace Analytics, LLC is the industry leader in compressed air testing. Our AirCheck Kits and Samplers make compressed air testing for breathing air, ISO 8573, SQF or your custom specifications a simple task.

Microbiological Compressed Air Sampling per ISO 8573-7

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