Ruby Ochoa, President of Trace Analytics, clears the confusion surrounding using ISO 8573-1 to test compressed air in this informative article for Compressed Air Best Practices.

Using ISO 8573-1 to Test Compressed Air: Clearing the Confusion

by Ruby Ochoa, President, Trace Analytics LLC

Compressed air is used in more than 70 percent of all manufacturing activities, ranging from highly critical applications that may impact product quality to general “shop” uses. When compressed air is used in the production of pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, medical devices, and other products, there seems to be confusion on what testing needs to be performed.

By defining compressed air contaminants, reviewing ISO 8573-1, and discussing how to designate a quality class per ISO 8573-1, this article will help clear up some of that confusion. It will also provide best practices for setting up a compressed air monitoring program.

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