Air & Gas Specifications

Air & Gas Specifications

Although we specialize in the analysis of thousands of compressed breathing air samples, we also provide services to customers with Non-Breathing Air and Pure Gas analysis. Whether you are establishing a management plan or testing to comply with a given specification, our knowledgeable staff will assist you by providing:
  • Analysis of pure gases such as Argon, Nitrogen, Nitrous Oxide, and Oxygen.
  • Air analysis for argon, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, condensed hydrocarbons, methane, nitrogen, nitrogen oxides, oil aerosol, oil vapor, organic compound identification and/or quantification, oxygen, particulates (particle size count and mass concentrations), sulfur dioxide, total halogenated hydrocarbons, total volatile hydrocarbons, and water vapor.
  • Design of Compressed Air & Gas Sampling Equipment specifically for your application if needed.
  • Research to determine if applicable standards are available.

Our scientifically designed compressed air testing kits make collection a simple task. Keep the small, portable kit, and return the lightweight sample via the shipping method of your choice.

Many of our customers have established their own criteria by monitoring the performance of the system over a given time period, reviewing literature/specifications, evaluating equipment parameters, and determining company objectives. After a thorough evaluation, specification limits are established and implemented into a management plan. The following are commonly used air & gas specifications. If the specification you need is not listed below, please Contact Us. We have many more air & gas specifications in our database. If you need a custom specification, Contact Us with your requirements, and we will provide a quote.

A Select List of Compressed Air & Gas Purity and Quality Specifications:

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