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Government & Military Testing

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Compressed Air Testing for Government

Trace Analytics proudly provides compressed air testing for all branches of the United States military and government, in addition to international governing bodies like the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense (MOD) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

Whether you’re using compressed air for diving, firefighting, aviation, or law enforcement, we can test to the specifications you need and help ensure the safety of the air you breathe.

Our AirCheck™ Kit is designed for sampling high-pressure air compressors or storage systems quickly and efficiently. The small, portable kit makes taking a sample convenient and easy to use on the go, and our lightweight sampling media makes shipment of the sample simple and cost-effective.

Government & Military Diving - Selected Air Quality Specifications

Air Quality SpecificationTHCCOCH4CO2H2ODP, °FO2N2OILODOROther
Air Force T.O. 42B-1-22 Source I Pressurized Cylinder25 (T)10N/A100067-5020-23N/A2.0NoneHalogenated Solvents, ppmvVolatile Organic Compounds (VOC), ppmv
0.225 (T)
Air Force T.O. 42B-1-22 Compressed Breathing Air Source II Compressor-20122510N/A1000N/AN/A20-23N/A5NoneHalogenated Solvents, ppmvVolatile Organic Compounds (VOC), ppmv
0.225 (T)
Air Force T.O. 42B-1-22 Source II Compressor2510N/A1000N/AN/A20-23N/A5NoneHalogenated Solvents, ppmvVolatile Organic Compounds (VOC), ppmvPressure Dew Point, °F
0.225 (T)Lowest Ambient Temperature
Air Force Compressed Air T.O. 42B-1-22 SCBA & NFPA 1989-201325 (T)5N/A100024-6520-2375.0-81.02.0NoneHalogenated Solvents, ppmvVolatile Organic Compounds (VOC), ppmv
0.225 (T)
Federal Specification BB-A-1034B-2001 Grade A Sources I & II2510N/A50027.2-6320-22N/A5NoneN/A
MIL-PRF-27210H-2009 (M)N/AN/AN/AN/A7.0-82N/AN/AN/ANone/SlightN/A
MIL-PRF-27401G-2013 Nitrogen Grade A Type I58.3N/AN/AN/A26.3-63.50.5≥99.5N/AN/AImpurities, ppmv
Navy A-A-59155-2008 Grade B Nitrogen50N/AN/AN/A25-640.599.5N/ANoneMoisture Content, mg/LParticle Content, >50 microns
NFPA 1989-201325 (T)5N/A100024-6519.5-23.575.0-81.02Not PronouncedN/A
US Army Corps of Engineers Diving Operations 30.F.05.e Air Purity Standards2510N/A1000N/AN/AN/AN/A5Not ObjectionableN/A
US Coast Guard-20052520N/A1000N/AN/A20-22N/A5Not ObjectionableN/A
US Navy Diving Air, Rev. 7 ANU/Certified Sources2510N/A100024-6520-22N/A5Not ObjectionableN/A
US Navy Diving Air, Rev. 7 Commercial Sources2510N/A100024-6520-22N/A5Not ObjectionableN/A
US Navy Diving Manual Nitrogen Grade B-201150N/AN/AN/A27-63<0.50≥99.50N/ANoneN/A
THC = Total Gaseous Hydrocarbons, ppmvCO2 = Carbon Dioxide, ppmvO2 = Oxygen, volume %HS = Halogenated Solvents, ppmv
CO = Carbon Monoxide, ppmvH2O = Water, ppmvN2 = Nitrogen, volume %Odor = Odor as supplied by customer
CH4 = Methane, ppmvDP = Dew Point, °F at 0 psigOil = Oil Mist & Particulate, mg/m3
(T)Does not include methane.
Air & Gas Specifications referenced above may be viewed and/or purchased from: CSA - Canadian Standards AssociationOSHA - Occupational Health & Safety AdministrationU.S. Navy Dive Manual