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Air Testing per ISO 8573 for Manufacturing Facilities

If compressed air is used in direct or indirect contact with your final product or process, then it is essential to establish and maintain a minimum acceptable air quality level.

Compressed air is a critical utility used in most manufacturing facilities. It is often overlooked or failed to be identified as a critical control point. Potential contaminants for compressed air include but are not limited to: Particles (dirt, rust, pipe scale), Water (vapor and liquid forms), Oil (aerosol, vapor, and liquid forms), Micro-organisms, and Gases for some but not all products. Failure to monitor and control contaminants can result in the contamination of your product, impaired performance of critical equipment, loss of production time, recalls, consumer injury, lawsuits or worse. See Sources of Contamination in Manufacturing for information on identifying and remedying such failures.

Some examples of industries that use compressed air in critical manufacturing processes include Automotive, Beverage, Chemical, Electronics, Food, Laser Optics, Medical Device, Nutraceutical, Packaging, Pharmaceutical, Power Generation, and so many more.

Compressed Air Testing with The AirCheck™ Kits

Trace Analytics has developed the AirCheck Kit™ K810 and K811 for point-of-use sampling of low pressure compressed air outlets according to ISO 8573. The AirCheck Kit™ and ISO 8573-1 air quality standards can satisfy your installation, verification, and performance protocols for your compressed air system.

The AirCheck Kit™ K810 models are designed to sample for particles, water and oil of your compressed air at the point of use. The K811 model also includes the capability to sample for a variety of gases. Kits can be purchased or rented.

Your personnel can obtain the air samples using our detailed How-To Sampling Videos and thorough Sampling Instructions included with each kit. We also have a wide network of independent AirCheck Service™ Distributors who can provide air sampling services – Contact Us to find one near you. Samples are easily shipped to Trace’s A2LA accredited laboratory for analysis and comparison to ISO 8573-1 Purity Classes, a baseline comparison, or your own custom air specifications.

We Are the Compressed Air Testing Experts

If you are uncertain of what standards you should be testing to, we are able to assist. Our AirCheck Team™ of Experts works with compressed air testing clients from every industry all around the world. If you have questions we are available to answer them. Reach us by phone 1-800-247-1024 x3 or Contact Us.

If you do not see your industry listed on our site, fill out the contact form below and we will be happy to discuss your particular needs with you.

Trace Analytics, LLC can test to a wide variety of specifications. Some example specs commonly used in Manufacturing are shown below:

ISO 8573-1:2010 Compressed Air Contaminants and Purity Classes

Class Particles Water Oil
By Particle Size
(maximum number of particles per m3) See Note 2
By Mass Vapor Pressure Dewpoint Liquid Liquid, Aerosol, & Vapor
See Note 1
0.1 µm < d ≤ 0.5 µm 0.5 µ m< d ≤ 1.0 µm 1.0 µm < d ≤ 5.0 µm mg/m3 °C °F g/m3 mg/m3
0 As specified by the equipment user or supplier and more stringent than class 1
1 ≤ 20,000 ≤ 400 ≤ 10 - ≤ -70 ≤ -94 - ≤ 0.01
2 ≤ 400,000 ≤ 6,000 ≤ 100 - ≤ -40 ≤ -40 - ≤ 0.1
3 - ≤ 90,000 ≤ 1,000 - ≤ -20 ≤ - 4 - ≤ 1
4 - - ≤ 10,000 - ≤ +3 ≤ +37 - ≤ 5
5 - - ≤ 100,000 - ≤ +7 ≤ +45 - -
6 - - - 0 – ≤ 5 ≤ +10 ≤ +50 - -
7 - - - 5 – ≤ 10 - - ≤ 0.5 -
8 - - - - - - ≤ 5 -
9 - - - - - - ≤ 10 -
X - - - > 10 - - > 10 > 5
  Microbiological Contaminants Other Gaseous Contaminants
  No purity classes are identified No purity classes are identified
Gases mentioned are: CO, CO2, SO2, NOX, Hydrocarbons in the range of C1 to C5

Note 1: ISO 8573 Oil includes aerosol, vapor in the range of C6+, and liquid oil. Liquid oil is typically sampled when wall flow is present, contamination is suspected, or results are greater than 5 mg/m3. Trace can provide a separate kit for liquid oil testing.

Note 2: For Particle Class 0, 1, & 2 (0.1 - 0.5 µ range only), a laser particle counter with a high-pressure diffuser is required. Rental of this equipment is available on a reservation basis. Contact us for details. To qualify for Particle Classes 0 through 5, there can be no particles greater than 5µ present.

In some cases, Trace uses alternative sampling techniques or analytical methods to those specified in ISO 8573, for details see Smith White Paper, 2012.

Air & Gas Specifications referenced above may be viewed and/or purchased from: ANSI - American National Standards Institute