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Surface Swab Testing

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Surface Swab Testing

The presence of unwanted, or pathogenic microorganisms in controlled environments in manufacturing facilities can be detrimental to the end-product, consumer, and reputation of the company. Bacteria, yeast, and mold are found everywhere in our environment. Surface swab testing is an excellent way to monitor corners, crevices, knobs, gloves, or hard to reach locations in your facility. Regular environmental monitoring can assure manufacturers that harmful microbes are not impacting their products. From filtration, to sanitization, to personnel operations, microbiological testing can help ensure that your procedures and control methods are working effectively. Trace Analytics is proud to offer third-party, accredited microbiological testing and analysis for surface swab testing. Microbiological testing helps clients meet program and certification requirements like HACCP, SQF, BRC, GMP, and more.

Why Perform Swab Testing

Microorganisms thrive in environments with water, oil, and warm temperatures. That said, many microorganisms can reproduce and spread under extreme conditions as well. Some are even able to consume plastic, rust, and oil for energy. Bacterial spores can be resistant to heat, UV and can remain dormant for long periods of time. Because of their ability to thrive in a variety of environments, surface swab testing is a exceptional way to identify microbial contamination in critical locations. A thorough risk assessment and monitoring plan can help manufacturers understand risks unique to their facility. Regular surface swab testing can help provide trend analyses, telling users when and where certain types of microorganisms are likely to occur. Testing can also help ensure that your control procedures are working effectively. Microbial analyses identify bacteria, yeast, and mold present on surfaces.  

How Swab Testing Works

Swab and surface testing is easy with Trace Analytics. Our validated methods allow for peace of mind and quick results. Simply swab your sampling area with our wet or dry swab options, ship your samples to Trace where they will be incubated and analyzed. We have analysis options depending on your specific needs. Choose between CFU counts, Gram staining, Presumptive Identification, or further identification. See our detailed instructions for swab testing here. Need more information? We also offer ambient air testing for microorganisms and compressed air testing for particles, water, oil and microorganisms. Learn more here.


Testing with Trace Analytics:

Trace Analytics is A2LA accredited to ISO 17025:2017 for microbial testing. To facilitate sampling, we offer either surface swabs, contact plates, settle plates, Trio.bas mono, or compressed air testing kits. Detailed instructions, and step-by-step videos are available on our AirCheck Academy. It is recommended that users download and read the instructions prior to receiving their shipment to ensure proper sampling. Contact us for more information on environmental monitoring please contact our exceptional team of experts.