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NFPA 1989 Compressed Air Testing

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NFPA 1989 Compressed Air Testing

NFPA Memeber 2014Why do so many fire departments rely on the AirCheck™ Lab?

Customers worldwide comment on Trace Analytics’ great customer service, rapid turnaround of AirCheck™ Reports, easy-to-use air sampling equipment, and greater confidence in our compressed air quality testing results.

A significant amount of our new business is due to referrals from satisfied customers. That’s a great testament to our team of experts. Since our company is devoted to only one service, it’s not surprising that we can fulfill your compressed air testing needs more efficiently than anyone else.

The AirCheckKit™ is easy-to-use and designed to obtain an air sample that is representative of the air used to fill your SCBAs. You can use the kit to test your breathing air quality from your compressor or cascade system. We have two members on the Technical Committee on Respiratory Protection Equipment which is responsible for NFPA 1989. We have ensured that the AirCheck Kit™ complies with NFPA 1989’s sampling and analytical requirements. We are intimately familiar with air testing and analysis — it’s our job! You can depend on us to aid you in securing the safety of your compressed breathing air supply.

Fire Industry Compressed Air Testing Specifications

Trace Analytics, LLC can test to a wide variety of specifications. Some example specs commonly used in the Fire industry are shown below:

SCBA Use - Selected Air Quality Specifications

Air Quality Specification THC CO CH4 CO2 H2O DP, °F O2 N2 OIL ODOR
CGA Grade D (G-7.1-2011) N/A 10 N/A 1000 67 -50 19.5-23.5 N/A 5 None/Slight
CGA Grade L (G-7.1-2011) (SCBA) N/A 10 N/A 1000 24 -65 19.5-23.5 N/A 5 None/Slight
NFPA 1989-2013 25 (T) 5 N/A 1000 24 -65 19.5-23.5 75.0-81.0 2 Not Pronounced
OSHA 1910.134 Respiratory Protection - 2004 Cylinder N/A 10 N/A 1000 67 -50 19.5-23.5 N/A 5 None/Slight
OSHA 1910.134 Respiratory Protection - 2004 SCBA N/A 10 N/A 1000 67 -50 19.5-23.5 N/A 5 None/Slight
Air & Gas Specifications referenced above may be viewed and/or purchased from: CGA - Compressed Gas AssociationNFPA - National Fire Protection AssociationOSHA - Occupational Health & Safety Administration

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