Passing Your Compressed Air Analysis: Tips And Troubleshooting For Successful Compliance

This session will cover frequent pitfalls of compressed air testing. Often, systems are in compliance, and yet time and time again, the analysis will show failing results. The webinar will illustrate common failure modes, discuss the pros and cons of various types of testing technology, and help viewers create a plan that will ensure continuing compliance of their compressed air and gas systems.

Compressed Air System Risk Assessment: Do I Need To Test?

More than 70% of production facilities use compressed air in the manufacturing process. Experts like the Compressed Air & Gas Institute (CAGI) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) agree that the primary contaminants to monitor are particles, water, and oil (PWO). The primary sources of contamination in a compressed air supply include the intake air quality and the compressor itself. Other significant sources include distribution piping, storage receivers, and point-of-use items such as valves, gauges, flexible tubing, and fittings.

  • Does your system filter these contaminants out?
  • Where does your compressed air system add additional contaminants that need to be monitored or filtered?
  • Are these contaminants detrimental to your product?
  • Where are your HACCP critical control points, and are you monitoring them?

Compressed Air Testing: How To Pass Your Next Audit

Many food safety organizations (SQF, BRC, FSSC, primusGFS, IFS) are including compressed air monitoring as one of their requirements. Ruby Ochoa, President and Owner of Trace Analytics, will address what these requirements are, which compressed air standards you should be using, how to create a monitoring program, and how HACCP principles apply to your compressed air system. Come see what you should be doing to prepare for your next audit.

Webinar: Navigating Food Grade Compressed Air Quality

BRC, BCAS, SQF Air Purity, ISO 8573 – there are so many choices when it comes to food grade compressed air testing. Listen to the ISO 8573 compressed air testing experts from Trace Analytics. Dick Smith, our Lab Director, and Ruby Ochoa, our President, go into great detail about food grade compressed air quality. They will tell you how to find out if you are making the grade!